How small businesses can find relief during the Coronavirus crisis – courtesy of our friends at Lending Tree:


Many small businesses are still struggling because of this crisis. If you’re a small business owner (or you know one), we’ve listed a number of resources to help you manage during this difficult time. We’ve also included links to sites and articles that show you how to support the local businesses in your community.

Apply for the expanded Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses needing financial relief.

• Visit LendingTree’s small business hub to find resources that can help your business cope with the crisis.

Apply to your state’s unemployment program to receive benefits for self-employed workers.

Take a look at these 11 ideas for supporting small businesses during the pandemic.

Donate to GoFundMe’s Small Business Relief Initiative and Fund.

• Explore the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s coronavirus small business guide for information you may find useful.

Get advice, connect with mentors and watch webinars that can help you navigate these challenging times.

See how business owners can support each other.

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, but have been hit hard by this crisis. Shopping local and giving a little extra in tips can go a long way.