Officials: Don’t Tread On My Business

Any official acting under COLOR OF LAW is now liable to be sued in their PRIVATE capacity and professional capacity. Fact. And it’s happening all over America.

Business Owners Use This

Keep multiple copies and hand out as needed. Post one on your business’s door. Inform them that suing them personally means that you can take their house, cars, bank accounts and anything of value. They have been warned.

No Discrimination Allowed

Keep multiple copies and hand out as needed to employers and businesses that try to discriminate against you.

Individuals Being Harrassed

Because a business is open to the public, it can be held liable for any
discrimination should it deny you access to the establishment for not following
the unlawful edicts of any governmental body.

Constitutionally Compliant Business

Place this proudly on your American business. You are constitutionally compliant. All Sheriff’s and LEO’s are getting educated in this RIGHT NOW.

Mask Exemption Laws

Print these out but more importantly, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Educate yourself.

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