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[VIDEO & DOCUMENT] S95 To File With Department of Health & Human Services

Are you ONE of millions of hard working Americans being subjected to capricious and arbitrary rulings by Governors who have forced you out of work, with no ability to care for your family, taking away your liberties and ability to enjoy your God given rights as an American citizen? We have the POWER to stop this Illegal, Immoral & Unethical Tyranny TODAY.

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[VIDEO] Sheriffs Have Ultimate Control Over The Constitution FOR America

WE CAN WIN! AND WE ARE! Rick Martin, whom I’ve spoken to, is a Constitutional Attorney...

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In order to fix the country, you simply need 75 people in each county to assemble and repopulate the elected positions.

For over 160 years, Americans have been waiting for the country to wake up and the internet is the tool we needed to connect the dots and bring back our true government. It's all happening at lightning speed now at Get assembled in your county.

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