CHECKMATE: I’ve spent the majority of my day on the phone with one of the TOP constitutional lawyers in the country. When I say TOP, I mean he has been teaching all the other constitutional lawyers about law for 30 years.
(Big difference between Constitutional Lawyers and B.A.R. Attorneys)
This guy:
👉 Prior Special Forces who had a $9600/month pension allowed to him and turned it down when he removed himself as a citizen of the Corporation of The United States effectively becoming a sovereign citizen.
👉 He has died 7 times, been lifeflighted 3.
👉 He went back to his right of being a free American and not property of the global corporation that was set up in DC in 1871.
👉 He has taken on some of the BIGGEST cases in the country and won against life long criminal politicians.
👉 He is a true patriot.
👉 Friends with Stewart Rhodes: President and Founder of Oathkeepers
👉 Friends with Rick Mack: President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peacekeepers Association
👉 Friends with Robert David Steele – ex CIA (youtube)
And too many more to mention.
When I tell you that he doesn’t give a rats ass about any governor, law enforcement officer, business owner or anyone else who tries to tell you that you cannot do something…
He has taken on the biggest of the beasts. He will answer your questions FOR FREE…He will defend you. He is having a prosecutor in Oregon arrested for being UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
He knows every law of our land and calls judges out who will not enforce the oath they took.
He has a lot of lawyers that will also fight. And all the Sheriffs…
So if you think that some stupid Governor can enforce ANYTHING, you are sadly mistaken.
Here are just 3 of the cases that he will cite (and you can too) in ANY attempt to close you down or threaten your liberty:
Cruden v. Neale
“There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent.” Cruden v. Neale, 2 N.C. 338 (1796)
Meyer v. Nebraska
“The term “liberty” … denotes not merely freedom from bodily restraint but also the right of the individual to contract to engage in any of the common occupations of life, to aquire useful knowledge, to marry, to establish a home and bring up children, to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience.. . The established doctrine is that this liberty may not be interfered with, under guise of protecting public
interest, by legislative action.” Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390, 399, 400.
Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803), was a U.S. Supreme Court case that established the principle of judicial review in the United States, meaning that American courts have the power to strike down laws, statutes, and some government actions that violate the Constitution of the United States. Decided in 1803, Marbury remains the single most important decision in American constitutional law.[1] The Court’s landmark decision established that the U.S. Constitution is actual “law”, not just a statement of political principles and ideals, and helped define the boundary between the constitutionally separate executive and judicial branches of the American form of government.
He ALSO stated, that you need to look at your business license because it does NOT state that you can get it taken away for ANYTHING that they are trying to say or do to you. Send us a copy or the verbiage to review in the comments.
I suggest that EVERY American business owner, sign up for free at our site and I will send you what he sent me, a copy of the Sheriff’s Constitution Handbook (pdf) that you can show to ANYONE who tries to limit your liberty. And then, we will go after them.
Stay tuned Patriots, we are all in this together. DO NOT WAIT on any governor or illegal enforcement agency. The Law of the Land and those who are here to protect it are behind you!
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