Step by step instructions to file Mass Tort Claim

Anyone that wants to file a Mass Tort Claim in their State is welcome to use this document and follow the step by step instructions below.


Here is the paperwork to use for your mass tort claim: CLICK HERE (Choose FILE, MAKE A COPY or FILE –> DOWNLOAD or FILE –> PRINT)

  • Use blue ink for entire tort claim.
    Do not staple.
  • Dear___________ First, middle, and last name of whom you are serving papers to.
    Capitalize first letter of each name. The remainder of name is in lower case.
  • Sincerely, on page 1________ person filing claim signs here.
  • Sincerely yours,____________ person filing signs here along with 9 other people.
  • Keep a log of the 10 people that signed.
  • Purchase 2 cent stamps.
  • Take to notary and have them stamp front and back of each page.
  • Place a 2-cent stamp on the top right of each page, front and back. A total of 12- 2 cent
  • Person filing signs their name diagonally across every 2-cent stamp in blue ink.
  • On the last page the notary will have an additional stamp that they fill in.
  • Make 2 copies then scan (you can take pic on cell phone) and send to
  • Notary will have you sign your name in their register.
  • Purchase a money order or cashiers check for $400 paid to U.S. District Court. (or file pauperis)
  • Be sure to bring your driver’s license or identification.
  • Physically go to the federal court in your state. How To Find Yours Video:
  • Show I.D. and go through security
  • Go to drop box area to file the claim. There will be a table set up with instructions.
  • Find and fill out the FILING/PAYMENT FORM.
  • Date: Name: Case number(leave blank) E-mail: Phone: Address: City, State, Zip.
    Reason for transaction: check “New Case Filing”.
  • There will be a stamp that the federal courthouse provides. Stamp the front of every page.
  • Be sure to check and see if the date is correct on the stamp and do a practice
    stamp to make sure it is right side up.
  • Place all 6 pages of tort claim along with money order or cashier’s check for $400 and the filing/payment form in the envelope provided.
  • Keep the lower portion of the cashier’s check/ money order for record. Seal the back with tape provided then place in the drop box.

Optional Cover sheet:

To all Public Servants, including but not limited to federal, State, or Local corporate government(s): I accept your oath of office as your firm and binding contract between you and me, one of We the People, whereby you have promised to serve, protect, and defend me, guarantee all of my inalienable rights, and defend the constitution for the united States of America.

Here is the paperwork to use for your mass tort claim: CLICK HERE