May 1 2020, is the day the public demanded their country and livelihoods back!


Maine Restauranteur defies Governor’s lockdownNumerous protests planned around the country by MAGA groups wanting to get their States re-opened for business.

Many businesses fed up with having been locked down for 6-8 weeks or more are going to re-open for business today ….. and to h*ll with the consequences!

Womens’ group ‘Women for America First’ are running “drive for freedom” rallies in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago today, protesting against stay-at-home orders and other draconian pandemic measures.  However the organizers have warned that they are not “anti-quarantine” and the coronavirus remains a very real threat to public health, particularly those with compromised immune systems.  We must still protect those most vulnerable, health-care workers, and the elderly.

At the same time Restauranteur Rick Savage of Bethel, Maine went on Fox News ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight‘ TV show to announce that he will be re-opening his restaurant ‘Sunday River Brewing Co.’ from May 1 in defiance of Governor Janet Mills strict pandemic shut-down orders.  “It is time to go back to work” he said, vowing that he would use any sales taxes due for March on legal fees in his defense instead.  Maine which has a population close to 1.3 million has just 33 hospitalized cases of Covid-19, with a total of 53 deaths in the entire State.

Watch this space for more news on the fightback – it’s going to be an interesting day!