Are you ONE of millions of hard working Americans being subjected to capricious and arbitrary rulings by Governors who have forced you out of work, with no ability to care for your family, taking away your liberties and ability to enjoy your God given rights as an American citizen? We have the POWER to stop this Illegal, Immoral & Unethical Tyranny TODAY. Did you know ~

  • Social Distancing and Face Mask Wearing is clinical research as a defined term under the FDA standard of clinical research
  • There is no medical or scientific evidence that 6 foot distance or face mask wearing has any benefit for our health; there is no science justifying it, only a belief system
  • You are an unwilling participant in a large epidemiologic experiment, which is in violation of the law
  • Congress passed a law in 1986, which give us a REMEDY

David Martin explains more in this short video:  Informed Consent: You’re a Lab Rat After viewing this video, I believe EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the United States of America will agree that we have been harmed.  Specifically, YOU have been forced to an experiment in which you did not give consent.  And the experiment is called Social Distancing and Face Mask Wearing.  There is no institutional review board.  There is no independent doctor.  This is illegal.  And YOU are entitled to file a claim. HERE’S HOW:

MAIL TO:   U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the General Counsel 200 Independence Ave. S.W. Washington, D.C. 20201 URGENT:  DO THIS TODAY!  Take a stand.  We The People have the ability to have our voices heard, and the government has given us the tool to stop this tyranny.