Sheriff _________,

I would like to start by saying that I am so glad you have joined the ranks of integrity!
You, sir, are among those who are the front line to our defense!

Our Sheriffs are all WE THE PEOPLE have to protect us from Tyranny and harm. I thank you so very much for all you
and your deputies do.

On a different note. I have been doing some research and with
the help of a good friend who is also a constitutional Lawyer we have come
up with something that just might perk your interest.

We know that Governor _______ is hiding behind the freedom of information act
being inactive at the moment. However, when anybody of Government
commits treason that person cannot utilize any part of; law, decree to
escape going to jail for that breach of office.

I am asking you to uphold your oath to the Constitution.

Since these businesses were effected in our county: (optional)

List any businesses effected or remove this section

Since these businesses are in your jurisdiction and this official has abused
insert infractions here

is in your jurisdiction and this official has utilized their office
to abuse, their power is a direct violation of their
oath of office, wrongful persecution without due process, Illegal use
of their position of office, direct violation of constitutional rights
and directly utilizing their office and stature to harm a citizen.

We could wait for the Supreme Court or Federal Court then we must do a
recall which will cost the taxpayers even more money and they would
retaliate in every way possible.

So with the above-explained and I welcome you to verify what I have
told you. I would like to ask you to arrest this official with the
charges and I forgot you can add Treason against our Constitution as
well. With these charges, they can be held without bail and she can be
removed from office immediately. Its a bold move but well within
legal rights to do so. I do not know how well you get along with your
prosecutor but maybe you could approach them and go over what I have
shared with you. The people of this state have been yelling for
justice and public outcry is being heard all over our great state.
The only entity that can make this happen is you our Constitutional

All eyes are on us..countrywide. We need to lead the other states by
example for our Freedom! Other states are in a bigger fight and are
looking for help. We need to take that step at taking back our state
and our country! I have also said it several times…we the people
are behind you 110 %! If you need deputies the entire population is
ready to be those deputies.

So I will leave you with this request and again I thank you so very
much for your integrity and I thank your deputies and staff for doing
a wonderful job each and every day!

Please let me know what you decide to do I would appreciate it. Also
please look into what I have said its hard to go on one person’s word
but I am confident both you and the prosecutor’s office will see the
large loophole I have pointed out! The people are counting on you to
end this nightmare!

Thank you for your attention to this matter!